5 Awesome Desserts Originated In The Caribbean sea

1. Pineapple Cheesecake

This Pineapple Cheesecake recipe combines a typical graham cracker crust with a cream cheese filling made with fresh or canned pineapples, and a pineapple flavored cream topping for a thick, rich indulgence.

2. Blanc Manger

A tropical version of an old French recipe, Blanc Manger is a sweet and creamy Haitian coconut custard dessert. It is very similar to Puerto Rican “tembleque” and can be topped with your favorite fruit cocktail or with whipped cream.

3. Banana na Binja

Plantains are typically starchy when unripe (or green) and sweet when ripe (yellow or turning black). In this Aruban recipe that may be served as a side dish or a dessert, sweet, ripe plantains are bathed in brown sugar and wine, spiced with cinnamon and sauteed to delicious perfection.

4. Papaya Pie

Papayas aren’t overly sweet fruits. Their firm but pliable texture and mild flavor typically make them great for punches and salads. But we found this unique pie recipe from the Island of Antigua. Their Papaya Pie is a fluffy, mousse textured dessert that’s a simple adventure you can enjoy with the freshest ingredients only in the summer.

5. Cassava Pudding

You might have to visit an ethnic or online store to grab the cassava or tapioca flour style= needed for this recipe but it’s well worth it. There are versions of this recipe throughout the Caribbean but this chewy, spiced, rich Cassava Pudding recipe is a version from the Barbados.